During  2019-2020 CCTA will continue to offer Tennis on the Playground which USTA calls Net Generation.  The USTA H.I.T.S. program will be offered instead of USTA Junior Team Tennis League. Both programs are offered to elementary school students. Tennis on the Playground is a physical education standards based skill building program. A Fall and a Spring school will be offered this program each year.H.I.T.S. is a six week afterschool program and is fee based.

The H.I.T.S Jamboree offers a six week after school skill building program each Spring. Tennis on the Playground is a free CCTA program. Tennis on the Playground coaches teach two half-hour P.E. classes daily for five days. Two additional classes will be given instruction each week until all classes choosing to receive instruction receive their time.

The USTA H.I.T.S. Jamboree is a six week low cost fee based program for each participant. This program is advertised locally. A registration place and time is provided for participants to sign-up and pay their registration fee. The Jamboree registrants begin play on the first scheduled day of the program. Players receive a free t-shirt at the first practice, participants may use their own tennis racquet or CCTA will provide a racquet for use during the Jamboree.


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At least one membership mixer is held yearly for members to get together for doubles tennis, food snacks and to pay membership dues. CCTA mixer events are open to anyone interested in joining CCTA. The mixer dates change and will be advertised with posters and on the CCTA website:


A CCTA social is held during a specific holiday time for members to get Food goodies are provided, a membership table is set up to renew CCTA memberships. Members bring friends who will potentially join CCTA. The main CCTA holiday social is usually held around the Christmas holiday. A silent auction is often available for additional CCTA fundraising.


This is a summertime event held at the Chico Racquet Club and Resort. 2018 was the inaugural trifecta held in honor of Lois VanDerLeun,the oldest member of the CCTA.

The winner of the first Trifecta Perpetual Trophy was Jeanine Wackerman. She earned the most total points during the three Saturdays. Jeanine’s name is also on the Trifecta winners plaque located in the Café at the Chico Racquet Club and Resort. The trifecta will continue to be held on three August Saturdays from 9-1 PM. Lois attended two of the trifecta Saturdays at the 2018 event. She was 103 years old. Sadly in early 2019 Lois experienced a fall and did not recover. She passed away in June, 2019 at the age of 104 years. CCTA lost a great lady of Chico tennis. She was a friend and hero to many CCTA tennis enthusiasts.

In 2019 the first Saturday, Trifecta will honor Lois with a special event booth, display of pictures and Lois memorabilia. Members will share memories of special times spent with Lois. The Trifecta is open to CCTA members and prospective members. A doubles format tennis mixer is included if participants choose to play tennis. Socializing and spectating are also an option . A small $5.00 entry fee will be charged on the first Saturday of play for members and each Saturday for non-members.

CCTA HALL OF FAME RECOGNITION EVENT (Date, Time and Location TBA yearly)

The CCTA Board initiated the Hall of Fame recognition in 2013. There have been three Hall of Fame Recognition Events since 2013. The qualifications for CCTA Hall of Fame Recognition are a local player who loved tennis and participated in many tennis events and tournaments. These Hall of Fame members also demonstrated a strong commitment to community tennis by encouraging many folks to take up the sport of tennis. The first Hall of Fame was in 2013.The inductees were Han Herrick,Jerry Brayton, Betty Best, Bill McDermott, Kevin Vaughn, Chandra Vaughn and Steve Valencia.

The second Hall of Fame was in 2014. The inductees were Pete Hall, Navid Kiasat, Kim Wilson, Janet Balbutin and Orval Hughes.

In 2015 and 2016 due to scheduling and lack of facility availability there were no Hall of Fame inductees. The third Hall of Fame was in 2017. Lois Van Der Leun and Wayne Dawson were

Each Hall of Fame Inductee received a plexiglass paper weight and their name on the Hall of Fame plaque which is located in the Café at the Chico Racquet Club and Resort. Please, contact a CCTA Board Member if you have recommendations for CCTA Hall of Fame recognition. Another group of inductees will be considered soon.

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